Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trippin to Grand Forks!

My family has just finalized logistics for an impromptu road trip to Grand Forks this weekend. My wife is from Grand Forks, so we have family there. So that means I will be in town for the opening of Wild training camp at Ralph Engelstadt Arena. Sunday's practice is open to the public, so check back Sunday (or Monday) for a full report!

If you have any suggestions for things you'd like me to look for, please leave them in the comments!


  1. I'm jealous! I can't wait to hear all about how the kids are doing.

  2. What a blast! I'm excited to hear all about training camp!

  3. I'm uber jealous.

    If it was at all possible, I would join you in an impromptu road trip. Sadly, though, it is not.

    Keep us hockey-starved, MN-stuck fans back home updated!

  4. Nice. Should be fun. I do recommend wearing a U of M jersey around town at about 12-1am. I have one you can borrow, but you are responsible for the cleaning bill.

    I will now sign as ViPeR. My name is Jon Berg, for full disclosure purposes, but J thinks I spit nothing but poison, hence the moniker.


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