Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Mascot?!?!

So my earlier post was cut short by Adriana waking up. So here it is, 4 hours later, and I can finish my post. Thus is life with a 7-week old. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Actually, I didn't have much of a point for my earlier post, but luckily something surfaced since. The Wild will be unveiling a mascot on October 5th. My 1st reaction was an eye roll, that mascots are lame, and I was glad the Wild chose not to have one - this bites. As I think about it now, I understand why they want to do it. The Twins have been very successful with TC Bear, and he grows on ya. And the biggest reason, Adriana will have something to identify with when I talk about the Wild. She'll probably be excited to go to hockey much earlier than without said mascot. It'll give me various stuffed animals with Wild logos to buy.

So, my final conclusion is OK, I can deal with a mascot. As long as next year they don't bring in ice girls.

Random Babble

So I'm sitting out on our deck, under about the most gorgeous weather we've had all summer. Adriana is napping (for at least a few minutes longer) and I'm enjoying a cold beverage....


Friday, August 15, 2008

The Fever is Coming Back!

I'm feeling a strong urge to post soon! Parrish gone, PMB resigned, schedule released, alot has happened since Adriana was born. That said, I'm getting hockey fever. I planted the TV on NHL Network a few nites ago and watched the Top 10 Playoff Goals of the 2003 Playoffs. Bruno's series winner v. Patrick Roy was #2. Makes me excited to see Bruno again this year.

We're a month and 5 days out from training camp opening in Grand Forks. So consider this your teaser promo. Wild View from Section 216 will be returning shortly.