Saturday, December 22, 2007

But First, a Wild View from Suite 56

I figured an appropriate subject for my first post would be Marian Gaborik's five-goal one assist performance vs the Rangers Thursday nite. So I normally sit in section 216 at Xcel for Wild games, well, normally I guess I watch at home because I have 10 games in 216, but I digress. For this game my dad had tickets in a suite. I'll touch on the suite experience in a minute.

As for the game, I gotta say this was the best hockey game I have seen in person in quite some time. The crowd was very good, which can't be said for every Wild home game. The Wild played a solid game, which also can't always be said. After Burnsie had his checking spree in the 2nd period we had an extended standing ovation, and things just went nuts from there. Gabby was knocking pucks out of mid-air, although I didn't know that until I watched the highlights today. All I remembered was the pucks in the back of the net. After his 3rd goal, the place went crazy again, hats all over the ice. After his 4th goal, I think people weren't sure it was his goal, because by the time they announced his name it was like...ok...let's clap. But when he got the breakaway goal for his 5th, it was back on. The rest of the night was chants of "Gabby, Gabby" trying to will one more for him. Sadly, not meant to be, but we can live with 5. Very entertaining.

Back to the was pretty nice. The group of people in the suite was not just a bunch of suits, so at least it wasn't stuffy. They had a pretty nice feed bag. The feature I was most impressed with was the tier of seats that are out in the seating bowl but connected to the suite. People interested in the hockey game can sit in those seats and they are very good seats. People that are more oblivious to hockey can hang out in the suite area and converse, not to disturb the hockey fans. Guess where I spent my time...


  1. Great stuff! Thanks for your perspective of the game! Love the photos from your vantage point, by the way.

    And thanks again for your compliments on my article over at, too! I added you to my blogroll. Looking forward to your future entries as the season moves along, especially during the playoffs.

  2. Those are some nice pictures! I took a few from section 204, but they are definitely not that nice.


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