Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wild v. Oilers (12-29-07) - A View from My Couch

Whoa nelly, where to start? Guess I'll start with the prediction I made that tonight's game would be a grinding defensive game. So much for my Nostradamus-ness. The Wild came back from a 4-1 deficit to win tonight, 5-4 in OT.

I really enjoy games against Edmonton. Coach McTavish is always crabby about something, and Dwayne Roloson is always crying about something. Makes for great drama. Tonight's game had plenty of drama.

Let's start with Edmonton's goals. They were pretty weak. The Wild gave up a shorthanded goal early, Burnsie and Skoula combined for a weak defensive effort letting a pass get through for a goal, Parrish was called for a phantom penalty that led to a goal, and Backstrom misplayed a puck behind the net to set up a gimmie. I was tempted to channel-surf, but I didn't. Glad I didn't.

After the Oil's 4th goal, the Wild really poured it on. Some of the most spirited play I've seen from this team, very similar to the comeback a couple weeks ago v. Nashville. They were diving to keep pucks in the zone and really swarming around the puck and crashing the net. Backstrom also got stronger in net. It was fun to watch.

Johnnson continued his recent desire to be part of the offense with his 2nd goal of the year. The rest of the goals were hard working, crash the net goals. Rolston, Gabby with a nice feed from Parrish, and Burns to tie it, then Nummelin in OT on the PP. The Nummelin goal was completely set up by PMB's stickhandling and a beauty quick feed to Nummelin. Unfortunately, Terhar ruined the moment on the broadcast by saying "Hello-o-o Nummelin" in the Seinfeld voice. At any rate, the Wild showed for the second time this year they can come back from a big deficit. And Jaques Lemaire showed elation on the bench.


  • The Oil had three players back in the lineup for the first time in extended periods due to injury. Fernando Pisani missed 26 games and took two penalties in the 1st period. Sheldon Souray missed 25 games. Ethan Moreau hadn't played since the 7th game of last season, and got an assist on Edmonton's 2nd goal.
  • 2 more PP goals tonight.
  • McTavish's post-game comments ripped the officiating, including Pavel Demitra's "dangerous dangerous" check that sent an Oiler into the boards, Sean Hill's "drill" to the head that wasn't called, and the penalty called on Steve Staios on Gabby in the OT.
  • Roloson raised his arms and spazzed out after at least two of the Wild's goals, and Flippered over after Nummelin's game winner. It's fun to watch him freak out.
  • Petteri Nummelin is short, but he's still taller than Kevin Gorg.

Next on the Docket - Monday 12-31 v. San Jose @ Xcel
I'll be viewing Monday's game from section 216. For the Wild to win, they have to keep it low-scoring. The Sharks have much more firepower than the Oilers, and they won't come back from a 3-goal hole. Wild 2 SJ 1


  1. Anyone else see Souray nail Horcoff (I think) in the head with the puck in the neutral zone?

  2. Great analysis of the game. At the same time, what a comeback win! I must admit I had my doubts when the Wild trailed 4-1. But to win after trailing by three tells people that they'll be more of a threat to win games regardless of the deficit. It will make opposing teams very uncomfortable with the lead. In years past with the lack of offensive firepower, one would think leading Minnesota by three would've meant lights out.

    If the Oilers continue this trend in blowing third period leads, he'll be roasting on the hot seat in Edmonton. That's something to watch for if you are keeping an eye on happenings around the NHL.

    Unfortunately I missed that moment, Elise. I don't know if it was included in the Wild's highlight package, so I'll have to check that out.

  3. I like MacT. He entertains me to no end. (doesn't hurt that the Oilers are my second favorite team) A great game to be at, I'm glad all these fun things keep happening while I'm actually in Minnesota to see them.

    Yeah, it was Horcoff. Any predictions as to whether or not we ever see Steve Staios alive ever again?

  4. I like MacTavish too. I have alot in common with crabby guys...

  5. Notes:

    -Horcoff's head is probably the only thing Souray could hit with a slapshot this year
    -Roloson freaks out over everything. I blame his previous team
    -I think just about any team above the high school level could make a comeback on the Oilers after the second period this year, though 4 goals is a bit more than usual
    -Craig MacTavish has a lot of shit to deal with, and I don't really blame him for being negative. He does have some good comments when its not a lot of whining, but I still trust that he sort of has a clue as to what is going on.
    -I don't like games against Minnesota

  6. I'd be pissed all the time too if I had to coach the Oilers right now.


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