Thursday, February 28, 2008

President's Cup Drama

I'm gonna make a bold prediction. Tonight I watched Blackhawks v. Stars on HD Net. I realize this was the 1st game with Brad Richards, but that's why I think they'll catch them. Richards had 4 assists, and they were all skill plays. Three of the assists were on goals by Niklas Hagman. They were all pretty passes, looked like he'd been playing with them all season. They're only going to get better. Dallas is up 6-3 at time of this post.

Dallas is going to pass Detroit for the President's Cup (best regular season record). With a win tonite Dallas will be 3 pts back of Detroit. The only chink in this predicition is that Detroit has 3 games in hand, but they are 1-7-2 in their last 10 games (and they're old). Dallas is 8-2-0.

So Matt in TX, I think you're team is sittin' pretty.


  1. I disagree. Dallas is completely overachieving this season and this streak they're on is typical of past regular seasons. They are among the top teams in the west during the season, but choke in the playoffs.

    That's right, the Stars are nothing more than a REGULAR SEASON powerhouse of sorts and a far cry from that in the postseason.

    The Anaheim Ducks are the team to beat, not the Dallas Stars. This is despite where each team sits in the standings right now.

  2. I tried commenting this the other day but it wouldnt show up, so let's see if it works today. About what Paul said, true the stars have choked in the playoffs in the years past, but the main issue with that was Turco's innability to win in the postseason. Last year he shook off those demons and proved himself, however what messed us up was the lack of scoring. Hence why we brought in Richards. His playoff experience in addition to our lines finally clicking will be enough to make it past the first round unlike the past few seasons...I hope.


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