Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where's the Heart?

Wild @ Capitals - 2-26-08 - A View from the Recliner
Remember what I wrote about Sunday's game? Ok, flip it around, make it negative, and that's my post for this game. Caps win 4-1. Wizzy showed no signs of life except for the early parts of the 2nd period. Defense was bad, offense was bad, goaltending was bad. Ovechkin didn't even score. Wild need help. Maybe it'll come from thug-nation Chris Simon. Great trade deadline strategy. Ick.

Fight to Hang the 1st Banner
Flames and Avalanche are tied 1-1 in the 1st. Seriously, this one can't end well. If the Flames win, we're 3 points out of 1st. If the Avs win, they inch closer to a playoff spot, one that could possibly supplant the Wild. Negativity all around.

What's a Trade?
What's it like to make a big trade deadline deal? Wild fans don't know. Most of the other teams in the West do. Dallas picks up Brad Richards - that's huge. Colorado gets Adam Foote to reunite one of the glory teams of years past. Foote will join Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic coming off injury, along with Paul Stastny. Wizzy better watch out. Must be why they picked up Mr. Suspension Chris Simon. Can you tell I hate that move?

Next on the Docket - Wild @ Lightning - Wed 2-27-08
Wild need to find it against the Lightning. They're bad. They just traded Brad Richards. A loss would send the Wild's confidence even lower than it is now. Drive to the net, quit trying to be fancy, and score some goals. Wild 2 Lightning 1

If we lose, I'm scared for the ugliness of my post tomorrow nite.


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  2. This move just reeks of making a move to make a move, or even worse making a move just becuase we got out muscled in the playoffs last year.

    Last year was last year and the Wile may not even see the Ducks in the playoffs. If they even make the playoffs.

  3. I have never been so glad during the year as I am now that I did not renew my season tickets. Signing a player whose career numbers have 6 times the penalty minutes as points is not the way to get to the Cup finals. Simon shouldn't even be allowed to play in the NHL. What the hell, let's get number 41 an extension too. Look out Edmonton, we're coming for your cellar spot!


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