Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 Hours I'll Never Get Back

Wild @ Avalanche - Western Conference Quarterfinals Game 4 - View from the Couch
Well, this was better for the heart. That's about the only positive thing Wild fans can take from game 4. Unfortunately it may cause ulcers. Colorado wins big time. It was 2-0 before the 5 minute mark, 4-0 before the game was half over, and 5-0 after 2 periods. Mikko Koivu did score in the 3rd to continue his torrid playoff as well as the Wild's don't-score-until-the-3rd-period philosophy, for a 5-1 final.

Basically, the Wild did not show up for this one, and that's sad for the 4th game of the playoffs in a series they should win.

Not happy with the performance tonite at all. The Wild were clearly not mentally into this game. Two of the goals came off turnovers, they took a too-many-men penalty in the 1st, and the intensity wasn't there like it was last nite. It seemed they were content with the split in Colorado. This has been a problem all season for the Wild. With a chance to put their peverbial foot down on the perverbial throat of a team, they laid an egg.

The Wizzy were extreemly undisciplined and showed no composure, talking penalty after penalty. Derek Boogard lost it, shooting the puck down the ice in frustration and bumping into an Avs player after another penalty call...taking a misconduct that turned into a 5-on-3 Avalanche powerplay. Eric Bellanger went crazy trying to punch people. Stephane Velleiux chattered back and forth in the penalty box with Cody McLoud, mimicing his toothless jawing. Velleiux better keep his head up the rest of the series. Then Velleiux squared off with Ian Laperriere. The Wild seemed to forget about the fact that there was a hockey game going on and just wanted to hit people. Almost like they wanted to validate Mark Kiszla's story. Very disheartening. They finished with 111 minutes in penalties. Ish.

This game just wouldn't end and sucked the life out of me. As a fellow Wild fan sent me in a textie, "Pain. Ful."

Fight to Bring the Cup to St. Paul
The Cup feels alot further away after tonite's game. The good thing is that it's just 1 game and the series is now tied 2-2. While the momentum may be with Colorado, someone still needs to win 2 out of the next 3, and 2 of them will be at Xcel Energy Center. That said, the next game is huge. Wild need to regain the momentum.

Next on the Docket - Avalanche @ Wild - Thurs 4-17-08
Hopefully they've put this silliness behind them. Hopefully Coach Lemaire lays into this team...knocks over a Gatorade table copyright Herb Brooks. If not, this series will be over in 6 and Pepsi Center will be happy Saturday nite. I'll be in attendance at the X on Thursday, and while I expect the crowd to be loud, I also envision a little tentativeness after tonight's game. I have an idea, how bout if we score 1st and not take 18 million penalties? Wild 4 Avs 3

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  1. I know exactly how you feel on this one...The first three or four minutes of the Stars game we were on fire, than Turco gave up a soft goal and the wind left our sails. Not until the 3rd period did we really ever gain momentum back. We gave it a nice go, scoring twice early than messing up a 4 minute major which would have made it real interesting. Stupid penalties killed us though, a bad call for holding led to a delay of game during the penalty killed and after they scored and were still on the advantage, pride and joy Matt Niskanen took it upon himself to delay the game yet again. Both of our teams better shape up, cuz Im still wanting a Texas-Minnesota match up


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