Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Newest Wild Fan and Owen Nolan

On Sunday July 6th our 1st child, Adriana Marie, was born. She came in at 8 lbs 11 oz, 19 in. While I'm not going to turn this into a haiku about labor, what an experience the whole labor thing is. My wife Julie was absolutely awesome. What she did to bring Adriana into the world was nothing short of heroic. When she couldn't keep going, she dug deep to find something extra. And writing about Minnesota Wild hockey while I work the late shift here with Adriana truly puts things into perspective. It is amazing how much you can love something so tiny that you just met 3 days ago. We realize our lives have changed drastically. But it just feels right.

Ok...all that sensitive stuff out of the can bet Adriana will be coming to Wild games soon. Although we probably won't be going to as many games in the next couple years, she'll be in a Wild outfit on opening night, sitting next to me while we watch the NW Division banner raised at Xcel, even if we're watching it here at home. And even though the Wizzy will look different this year I think they will be competitive and in the thick of things. I believe they still make the playoffs in 08-09. And then, who knows.

Oh yeah, while we were in the hospital, the Wild signed Owen Nolan. He's old, but he's got a ton of experience. He's had a great career, and hopefully he'll add something to that locker room. I don't know his work ethic, but the team could use some fire in my opinion. I hope he brings that.

And here's Adriana!

Adriana and New Dad



  1. now THAT'S important!

    Congratulations on the baby, glad to hear everyone's doing well.

    Who needs hockey?!

  2. Welcome Adriana to the Wild family, and congrats j.! Life's greatest miracle is quite amazing. Been there 3 times myself, and was in complete awe everytime. Enjoy your new lifestyle, it doesn't get any better!!

  3. Awwww she's so cute! And I love the new design of the site :)

  4. Team of 18,000 gets a new recruit! I like it!
    If you take her to any hockey games, make sure to get earplugs for her. Her little ears are very sensitive.

  5. Congratulations on the beautiful girl! Fatherhood's a blast. enjoy!

  6. That's completely awesome, dude! Congrats to you both! Be sure and tell her many tales of the greatness of Wes Walz.

  7. Awww, she's beautiful. Congrats, J.!

  8. This is way late cause I've been so busy lately, but congrats! She's so cute.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS, J! Awesome to hear the wonderful news.

    I haven't been surfing the blogosphere lately, so you'll have to forgive me for how late it is in me seeing your post.

    I think the Wild overpaid for Owen Nolan especially because it's late in his career, but hopefully he brings something to the team that's been lacking.


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