Monday, January 14, 2008

2-fer-1 in St. Paul

Coyotes @ Wild - 1-13-08 - A View from Farther Down in Section 216
Delayed recap of Sunday's Coyotes/Wild game at Xcel. Dad and I were able to score tickets in section 216 in row 1. Row 1 in the upper level sides are different. It's very nice that there's no one in front of you, but right in front of you instead of another row of fans is a short wall. It kind of gives you an enclosed feeling that was sort of uncomfortable. That said, the sight lines were great!

Just a quick recap on this one. The 1st period was scoreless and wasn't too exciting. The Wild jumped out to a nice 3-0 lead in the 2nd, and added another in the 3rd. Goals from Demitra, Sheppard, Belanger, and Gaborik (on a beauty criss-cross move with Demo). Josh Harding played another great game, coming within 5 minutes of a shutout for a 4-1 final. Keep it up kid.

Mikko Koivu
Usually we hear the checking line announced in the starting lineup. On Sunday we surprisingly heard Rolston, Parrish, and Koivu. I'm guessing that was because it was Mikko's first home game since he's been back, and Jacques wanted him to hear the crowd. He got a nice ovation, and he had a very nice game. His stickhandling was truly fun to watch, as he'd maneuver between Coyotes defenders, keeping the puck and setting up a play. Welcome back Mikko.

Ilya Bryzgalov
I know nothing of the personality of Coyotes goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov. However, I am going to go ahead and call him out as a dink. Only because during TV timeouts when the ice guys came out to clean his crease, he would skate back and forth between the boards. When he got to the crease, he didn't just go around and let the ice guys go about their business. He skated right through the crease, and the ice guys had to stop their scraping until he went through. He went through at least 3 times each TV time out. He might be a nice guy, and goalies are weird with their superstitions, but it angered me. And Dad said if it were him cleaning the ice he'd stick him with the scoop shovel. =)

Midwest Sports Show
The reason Dad and I went to this game was Dad wanted to go to the Sports Show. I, being the ultimate two-fer-one opportunity seizer, suggested we do it Sunday and try to get tix for the Wild game. While I do enjoy going to the Sports Show for the purpose of getting excited for summer, camping, fishing, and the rest, the Sports Show seems to be losing it's lustre. I remember when I was a kid there were many more booths from vacation spots in MN. Now there are mostly booths from Canada resorts. Just seems to be different. I'm never going to be able to afford the elaborate campers and boats on display, so for me it's all about the vibe. We only spent about an hour at the show...but that gave us time to eat at the Iron Range Grill before the game!

Next on the Docket - Wild v. Calgary Flames Wed 1-16-08
Calgary just signed Old Man Curtis Joseph to back up Mikka Kipprosof. That won't have an impact on the outcome of this game, however. I expect Kipprosof to play, and the Wild struggle against him and the Flames. I'm going with Calgary. Flames 3 Wild 1

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