Monday, January 7, 2008

Here we go Meandering all through this Difficult Roadtrip

Wild @ Stars (1-7-08) - A View from my Recliner
Game 2 of a treacherous road trip was more of the same. Not enough offense and not enough outstanding goaltending to keep the Wild in it. Dallas wins 3-1 (BTW, I nailed this prediction, see my last post) Monday nite in Dallas. Backstrom let in a goal from just inside the blue line, the Wild defense was running around for another, and the Wilds heavy hitters were once again held in check. Unless we find our game somewhere between Detroit and Chicago we're going 0-4 on this road trip.

For those of you that haven't heard the story about Matt Niskanen and his car, Niskanen has been driving his '01 pontiac sunfire he drove in college at UMD around Dallas since he made the team. He didn't expect to make the team so he didn't buy a new car. He calls it "his girl" and refuses to buy a new car. Before his 21st bday in early December, some of the Stars players stole the car and had it pimped out - new black and gold paint job, Stars logos, a green "5" on the side, "Nisky" on the back. Then they gave it back to him on his bday at practice and are making him drive it around Dallas before he auctions it off and finally buys a new car.

Here are some pics of the car. It's pretty funny seeing this sunfire all Dallas Starsed out with Minnesota license plates. Especially funny for me since I drove a sunfire for 6 years.

  • Kurtis Foster was back in the lineup tonite. So was Skoula.
  • Marty Turco played a much stronger in net for Dallas tonite than he did back in St. Paul last Thursday.
  • Niskanen leads the Stars with a +12, er, make that a +16 after tonight, in his rookie season. The Wild's top +/- is PMB with +8.
  • Mark Parrish scored again for the Wild.
  • The American Airlines Center crowd came across as pretty loud and into the game on TV. Props out to Dan and Jill (part of the fam) who were at the game. I envision Jill was loud and Dan was mentally into the game. =)
  • Where is Brian Rolston?

Next on the Docket - Wild @ Detroit Red Wings (Thurs 1-10)
The Wild have not been good against Detroit this year, and I have no reason to think this game will be any different. On a positive note, this game is available on FSN-HD. Wings 4 Wild 2


  1. Notice half the seats were empty at the Arena? Kinda sad. Also, I'm glad to see Foster shooting, but I want him to SHOOT, not that directing shot designed just to get it near the goal...if Foster is shooting he needs to unload. If he can't get that shot on net, he shouldn't be in the game anyways.

    I wouldn't be too hard on Rollie, he had some shots on net and also did a good job forechecking. I'm more miffed at Gabby to have a break away, shoot twice, and *still* not score. Gabby is just like the Wild...horribly inconsistient.

  2. Stars stuff with MN plates? That's gross.

    I don't expect great things tonight either. GDI, can't we be done being burned by the Wings yet? Here's to hoping that Parrish keeps his scoring streak alive.

    Gabby seems to only rarely score on breakaways or in shootouts. He's just not very good with the one on one thing.


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