Monday, January 21, 2008

Beating the Canucks Sure is Fun

Wild @ Canucks - 01-21-08 - A View from my Recliner behind my Laptop
Doing some work tonight during tonite's game, so I would look up when I heard Terharr get whooped up about something. It appears once again I am a motivator, as Brian Rolston scored a goal after I called him out in my last game recap. Clearly the team reads my blog and posts it on the bulletin board in the locker room.

Pretty entertaining game tonite. Even though it wasn't particularly high-scoring, it was particularly back and forth with alot of scoring chances both ways. It was high-intensity too, with the crowd into it after PMB's go-ahead goal in the 2nd, upset about a high-sticking non-call on Burns right before it. But my favorite was Koivu's goal in the 3rd to put it out of reach. As he skates by the Canuck bench he let out a loud yell into their ears, quite possibly releasing some frustration from the Ohlund hit that put him on the disabled list. Honorable mention to PMB's empty net goal about 5 seconds after the Canucks got it to a one goal game with 30 seconds left. Quieted the crowd quite nicely.

Everyone played a good intense game tonite. I really can't think of anyone that I would call out from this one. The goals came from Brian Rolston, two from Pierre Marc-Bouchard, and Mikko Koivu - three guys that need to keep scoring for the Wild to put a run together post All-Star break. They were strong defensively too, clearing out most rebounds from in front of Backstrom.

  • The Canucks still have not won this year when trailing after two periods
  • Nicklas Backstrom still has not lost when leading after two.
  • The Wild started the day 7th in the Western Conference, just three points from 9th. After tonight, we're back up to 3rd in the conference, but only 5 points ahead of 3 teams tied for 9th. Sure would be nice to win these next two before the All-Star break.
Next on the Docket - Wild @ Flames Tues 1-22-08
The Wild travel to Calgary tomorrow for the second of this back-to-back. The Wild have done pretty well in the second night of back-to-backs this season, and they've got some revenge to exact on the Flames from last week's shootout loss. I'm going to ride that train to a Wild win. If only there was no Jerome Iginla...Wild 4 Flames 3


  1. I love beating the Canucks. And Koivu's goal celebration was great. (and my blogs finally unlocked! yippee!)

  2. Beating the Canucks is always a joy. Koivu's yelling at the Canucks bench was spectacular. Overall good night. (and my blog is unlocked! yippee!)


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