Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wild Winds in Chicago

Wild @ Blackhawks - 1-11-08 - An In and Out View from my Home Office
I was in an out of tonite's game as I had some work stuff to tidy up. It was a beauty offensive explosion in the 2nd, with the Wild scoring 3 times to take control of the game. Gabby continuted his hot hand with 2 goals, one on a sick wrister that Khabiboulin had no idea, Parrish scored again on almost the same one-timer he had in the famous Skoula flub game, and Josh Harding was absolutely stellar in the 3rd. Great way to finish off the road trip after a terrible start.

I'm gonna say it for about the 600th time this year, maybe now we'll get on a streak...

I am really pulling for Josh Harding to keep playing well. I like the kid alot. In the games he plays well in he really makes some great stops. The kind of flashy stops that Backstrom just doesn't make. The kind that I think you need to go far into the playoffs. You can say that Backstrom doesn't need to make those stops because he's so positionally sound, but I don't think there's any question that Harding is the goalie of the future for this team. I think he's going to get better the more he plays and we might just have an all-star goalie on our team.

Next on the Docket - Wild v. Phoenix Coyotes 1-13-08
My dad and I may be going to this game if we can score some tickets, so hopefully I'll be viewing it from the X. I look for the Wild to continue playing strong and to win the 3rd in a row. We're a better team than Phoenix and it should come out that way at home. I'm calling a shutout. Wild 3 Coyotes 0

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