Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That Darn Iginla

Flames @ Wild 1-16-08 - A View from My Recliner
Seriously. I HATE Jerome Iginla. Whether it's real hockey against the Wild or NHL 08 against some 12-year old kid in Canada, Iginla always does me in. And every time it happens I declare that I hate him. Sure wish the Wild would sign him.

Tonight he did it again, scoring the game clincher in the shootout to seal a 3-2 win for the Flames over the Wild. It was a good defensive game early. Both teams were able to break through. Tonight's Wild goals came from defensemen, Burnsie and Foster. Foster's goal was on an absolute rope. Most important thing I guess is the Wild were able to at least come away with a point, and will stay in a tie for 1st in the Northwest Division.

  • I like Demitra on the Rolston - PMB line. They were able to come up with some nifty chances tonight. I think he made PMB better and they'll click eventually.
  • I was surprised that Rolston went with the slapper on the shootout chance. He'd beaten Kiprusoff last year in a penalty shot with the slapper and the Flames shooter before him went with the slapper, almost seemingly to psych him out. I thought he might go to his little deke to the backhand 5-hole he does from time to time. Tonight, the slapper missed the net.
  • This was a strangely officiated game. There were multiple calls I thought could have been made and the quick whistle at the end of the 2nd when Backstrom was juggling the puck which should have resulted in a goal for Calgary.
  • Is Voros going to fight in every game the rest of the way? Tonight it was grandpa Owen Nolan. Nolan won.
  • Gabby sure is playing confidently these days. He has shown that he can take hits and stay on the puck. As long as he doesn't get depressed he didn't score; at least he got an assist on Burns' goal...
  • Branco Radio played a nice game after being scratched the last couple. He had a golden opportunity in the 3rd when a Flames defensemen pulled a Skoula and gave him the puck, he just couldn't beat Kippie.

Next on the Docket - Wild v. Aneheim Ducks Fri 1-18-08
My wife and I will be in section 216 for this tilt. It'll be the first time the Ducks have been to the X since last April's playoffs, so it should be a good crowd. The Wizzy have played the Ducks strong this year, but they have Niedermayer back from pseudo retirement, and they're playing well. It should be a good game. Wild 3 Ducks 2


  1. I liked it much better when the Flames were sucking so that I could point and laugh at them.

    The Ducks game should be a good one. I plan to clear out my schedule especially for that.

  2. As a Stars fan, I can assure you that you have the lone star state behind you in cheering for a win over the ducks. Preferably in regulation


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