Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boo Flames

Wild @ Flames - 01-22-08 - A View from my Recliner
Wild lose 2-1 tonite at Calgary. Not many offensive chances tonite. Brian Rolston scored for the 2nd nite, so obviously he's out to prove me wrong...which is good. Brent Burns almost tied it on a shot that hit both posts, then dangled along the line and hit another post and drops into Kiprosof's glove. Homer Terharr almost busted a lung screaming that he scored. Not so much. Oh, and Dion Phaneuff broke a pane of glass with a shot twice in the 1st period. That's sweet!

The loss was disappointing, as they shut down Jerome Iginla, scored first, and got a nice game from Harding. Calgary's game-winner came from a nice backhander over the head of Harding by Craig Conroy. The Wild are now 3 and about 8 million at Calgary. In 7 years of Minnesota Wild hockey, they have only won at Calgary 3 times. Seriously...how does that happen? Must be the funny-shaped saddle-looking arena. Hence the name "Pengrowth Saddledome." I also am annoyed by the red hue that the ice turns after a Flames goal because of all the red lights in the arena. Ish.

I was just about to finish this cute little article up, but I have to pass this along. I have the FSN post-game show on. They're recapping the emmy award winning faceoff bit and the question is who is the best Canadian band/performer. Greenlay goes with Rush, Gorg goes with Shania Twain. Gorg wins the vote and is talking all tough like it means something...and Greenlay says, "Kevin, you must feel like a woman then." Gorg replies, "Well, if I look like her I'll be just fine."

Are you kidding me? I just threw up in my mouth.

Next on the Docket - Wild @ Colorado Avalanche - Thurs 1-24
Last game before the All-Star break. I really don't know how to call this one, so I'll Terharr it and call a Wild win. Worked out great for the Calgary game. Wild 5 Avs 2


  1. That almost goal by Burns....I still can't believe that wasn't in the net! How was that possible it didn't go in?

    I would have been happy with a tie and at the very least one point....but to be that close and not tie the game....bummer.

  2. Ugh. That's the one thing I don't miss about Minnesota. Gorg and Greenlay.


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